The New Hawaii Hotel

The New Hawaii (Club Marmara Hotel), o The New Hawaii (Club Marmara Hotel), operated by Marmara Group, is located directly on the beach of Hurghada, in close proximity to Hurghada airport. It has 452 rooms, all of which are beautifully designed, laid out in a U-shape around the pool area.

The facilities include 2 swimming pools (1 heated), and for summer activities there is beach ball, volley ball and water polo, etc. The New Hawaii is an ideal choice for an unforgettable holiday.

Stretched for 20km along the Red Sea coast, Hurghada is the undisputed favorite resort for visitors who love sunshine, sea and diving. The town centre, known as the Ed-Dahar quarter, has preserved a certain traditional character with a small souk.

Egypt enjoys various fields of tourism; the most important being archaeological or cultural tourism as one of the oldest types of tourism in Egypt, where the ancient civilizations are visible to the naked eye, an incarnation of the nations that constructed these civilizations since the dawn of history. Despite the multiple types of tourism, Egypt’s cultural tourism remains the unrepeated, unique and non-competitive component of tourism as Egypt possesses one third of the world’s known monuments.

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