Medium voltage

The substation is a small site specific electrical plant which distributes electricity to the building from the main grid. It transforms voltage from high to low, or the reverse and performs other important functions.

• Step up Transformer Sub-station

• Medium Voltage Cables

• Medium Voltage Switch Gear

• Step down Transformer Sub-station

• Controls Equipment

• Protection

Low voltage

A low voltage distribution system consists of a combination of several electrical components to provide the required power to the end user.
• Grounding & Earthling Systems
• Main Distribution Boards( MDB )
• Secondary Distribution Boards( SDB )
• Low Voltage Cables
• Low impedance Bus way System
• Cables & Bus way System

Emergency power systems

Emergency power systems provide backup power resource in a crisis or when regular systems fail. They find uses in a wide variety of settings from residential homes to hospitals, scientific laboratories, data center, and telecommunication equipment.
• Step up Transformer Sub-station
• Generating Sub-station
• Synchronizing Panel Board
• Emergency Service Distribution Board
• Step Down Transformer Sub-station
• Main Normal Distribution Boards
• Main Emergency Distribution Board
• Cables & Bus way System
• Low Impedance Bus way System
• Generating & Step up transformer sub-station
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