Advanced Systems of Mech. & Elec. Engineering


 Medium voltage 

The substation is a small site specific electrical plant which distributes electricity to the building from the main grid. It transforms voltage from high to low, or the reverse and performs other important functions.

Step up Transformer Sub-station

Medium Voltage Cables

Medium Voltage Switch Gear

Step down Transformer Sub-station

Controls Equipment 


Low voltage 
A low voltage distribution system consists of a combination of several electrical components to provide the required power to the end user. 
Grounding & Earthling Systems
Main Distribution Boards( MDB )
Secondary Distribution Boards( SDB )
Low Voltage Cables
Low impedance Bus way System
Cables & Bus way System 
Emergency power systems
Emergency power systems provide backup power resource in a crisis or when regular systems fail. They find uses in a wide variety of settings from residential homes to hospitals, scientific laboratories, data center, and telecommunication equipment.
Step up Transformer Sub-station
Generating Sub-station 
Synchronizing Panel Board
Emergency Service Distribution Board
Step Down Transformer Sub-station
Main Normal Distribution Boards
Main Emergency Distribution Board
Cables & Bus way System
Low Impedance Bus way System
Generating & Step up transformer sub-station


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